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Polnisches Institut Berlin

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Psychedelic Choir

25.05.2019 20:00

Performance von Zorka Wollny & Leah Buckareff

Ort: K77, Kastanienallee 77, 10435 Berlin

Vocal performance can be as physical as it is sonic. The series ‘From Breath to Matter’ (FBTM), founded in 2017 by Alessio Castellacci and Jule Flierl, engages this philosophy in a series of stunningly multi-sensory aural experiences that mediate between the affects and effects of sonic experimentation. Described as vocal dance, the series explores the physicality of the voice, demonstrating that vocal patterns can be choreographed as much as they are composed, and situating the voice “as [a] medium somewhere in between performance, dance and new music.”
Zorka Wollny’s psychedelic choir, in particular, has achieved this aural tangibility. Performed during FBTM Salon #5, Wollny’s choral piece "Things of No Significance, Vol. 2", was a stunning orchestra of alien sounds, at times difficult to believe they emanated from human bodies. The work ebbed and flowed in intensity, ranging from light breath work, to soft rain sounds, to the cacophonous screeches of exotic animals and the razor blade noises of inorganic materials. What interests Wollny most is “how such actions, when made by a group of people, change the quality of sound from obvious to indefinable: how timbre becomes a dominating factor.” And, indeed, most sounds were abstracted from their clear referents. Though one might try, the experience becomes less about discerning a recognisable soundscape — a forest, for example — and more about allowing the experience of sound to wash over the body. The audience is prompted to reconsider its relationship to sound, relinquishing the categorical impulse to associate sound with phenomenon, and instead surrendering to the psychosomatic experience of abstract noise.