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Konkurs: Przywrócić głos Niezłomnym ...


Datum: 01.01 - 28.02.2018 ... Nieobecnym na lekcjach historii

Organizatiorzy zapraszają do udziału w kolejnej edycji Ogólnopolskiego konkursu. Konkurs jest skierowany do uczniów szkół podstawowych oraz dotychczasowych gimnazjów z terenu kraju oraz środowisk polonijnych. Konkurs ma na celu upamiętnienie postaci gen. brygady pilota… mehr


Re-Directing: East Curatorial Seminar and Residency "Hospitality"


Warschau / Zamek Ujazdowski

Datum: 01.01 - 25.02.2018 Apply now for residencies in June 2018

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites professionals such as curators, organisers, researchers and art managers to apply for a one-month-long residency.   The month-long residencies: June, 2018   Submission deadline: February 25, 2018   The results will be announced… mehr


Residents and Visitors in Search of Quality and Comfort



Datum: 01-02.03.2018 1st Biennial International Conference "Historical Cities 3.0"

Historical Cities 3.0 is a series of conferences devoted to the discussion about problems related to the development of tourism in historical cities in the context of demographic, cultural, historical and social conditions. Their goal is to develop common tools for sustainable development in terms of… mehr


Off Camera



Datum: 27.04 - 06.05.2018 International Festival of Independent Cinema

If you like the taste of arthouse, but often end up overdosing on Sundance-like productions and look around for a mainstream cure or merely feel like watching something on an old tenement house rooftop, Off Camera may be your go-to festival.   Started in 2008, the International Film Festival of… mehr


20. Kino Na Granicy

Cieszyn (Pixabay)_120.jpg


Datum: 27.04 - 03.05.2018 Polish-Czech Film Festival

If you spent your childhood glued to the television, watching Krtek’s shenanigans, you worship Forman, Menzel, Zelenka and Sverak, think that Hrabal, Kundera and Kafka are the cream of the crop, and, on the top of that, you like Polish films, Cieszyn is heaven.   Beware though, Kino Na Granicy… mehr


15. Docs Against Gravity

Lublin 2 (Pixabay)_120.jpg

Warszawa / Gdynia / Bydgoszcz / Wrocław / Lublin

Datum: 11-20.05.2018 Film Festival

If you love documentaries, this is a festival for you. If you want to know how our planet is changing, this is a festival for you. If you are open-minded and interested in other cultures, this is a festival for you. If you find documentaries boring, this is a festival for you – Docs Against Gravity… mehr


Polnische Grenzräume im Wandlungsprozess



Datum: 23-24.05.2018 Internationale Tagung

Die Tagungen "Polnische Grenzräume im Wandlungsprozess" erreichen in diesem Jahr ihren fünften Jahrestag. Die Tagungen haben regelmäßige TeilnehmerInnen gewonnen, die im Laufe der Zeit vertiefte Einblicke in bereits angesprochene Themen präsentieren oder neue Themen… mehr


58. Kraków Film Festival

Kraków (Wikipedia - Pko)_120.jpg


Datum: 27.05 - 03.06.2018 Documentary, animated and short feature films

If you are into revealing documentaries, you’ll feel like at home at the Kraków Film Festival. If you love music cinema, you are in for quite a feast. If you want to meet the most accomplished documentary and animation filmmakers, this festival will cater to your taste.   It was… mehr


Kraków Film Music Festival

Kraków (Wikipedia - Pko)_120.jpg


Datum: 29.05 - 05.06.2018 Musical interpretations of the moving image

The song "Eye of the Tiger" turns you into a jogging Rocky Balboa? When you see an elderly gentleman with a lawn mower, Angelo Badalamenti instantly starts playing in your head? And you start to weep upon hearing Shigeru Umebayashi’s cello? The Kraków Film Music Festival may just… mehr


Młodzi i Film / The Young & Cinema

Koszalin (Wikipedia - Dariusz Więckiewicz)_120.jpg


Datum: 19-24.06.2018 36. Koszalin Debut Film Festival

If you feel young at heart, have a habit of dancing on a Baltic beach after every film you see, and first and foremost you want to know who will set the tone in Polish filmmaking in a few years time, pack your things and come to Koszalin. For a few summer days, Koszalin and the sea resort Mielno turn… mehr