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Digital Cultures Conference


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Panels, debates, workshops, exhibition and an art intervention

Where: Copernicus Science Centre, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warszawa, Poland

Digital culture is a growing field: it includes everything from computer games to new technologies in the arts. The Digital Cultures Conference in Warsaw will address digital culture in a global context. The Copernicus Science Centre will host numerous panels, debates, workshops, along with a rich programme of films, an exhibition and an art intervention.
The Digital Cultures Conference is the first event in Poland that will address digital culture so globally.  The interdisciplinary programme of the conference covers a wide scope of this rapidly developing sector: from computer games and narrative museums to interactive storytelling and topics related to digitalisation.  It will be the first time one event will provide the opportunity to speak about such diverse topics as digital re-use, the role of new media in the theatre, the potential and challenges of interactive journalism, archiving of the Internet, the applications of artificial intelligence and the role of technology in cultural institutions.
Renowned experts from Europe, the USA, and Asia have been invited to participate.  Among them, there will be directors of important festivals, museum directors, representatives of key technological institutions, artists and game developers.  The panels will feature, among others: William Uricchio (MIT), Rodrigo de Benito Sanz (New York Times), David-Michel Davies (Webby Awards Director), Matthieu Bonicel (Bibliotheque National de France), Paul Hanraets (Gambitious) and Navid Khonsari (iNK Stories).  In total, there will be several dozen foreign guests participating in the conference.
Thanks to the diversified character of participants and the wide range of topics, it will be possible to consider the subject from very different points of view.  For instance, games will be discussed not only by their designers and producers, but also by museum employees, while game developers will take part in the debate on exhibition design.
The conference aims to present the most interesting changes in Polish digital culture in recent years and to create a platform to facilitate international networking and share experiences and knowledge.  Apart from panel discussions, the programme includes workshops, thematic stands with experts, artistic actions and film screenings.  The conference will contribute to building relations between Polish and foreign institutions and creators.  It will also help bring Polish digital culture into the global exchange, both at the level of content (productions, art projects, curatorial initiatives) and at the discursive level of participation in international debates and recognition from creators and institutions abroad.
The conference is conceived and organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, under its flagship brand
Conference partners include Indie Games Poland Foundation (merit partner), Future Processing (technology partner), Copernicus Science Centre, The National Library, Polona, CSW Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, We Are Museums, Pixel Magazine, Solec 44, National Audiovisual Institute, Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie, Cross Video Days and Wikimedia.
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