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16. Docs Against Gravity


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Film Festival

Orte: Warszawa / Gdynia / Bydgoszcz / Wrocław / Lublin

If you love documentaries, this is a festival for you. If you want to know how our planet is changing, this is a festival for you. If you are open-minded and interested in other cultures, this is a festival for you. If you find documentaries boring, this is a festival for you – Docs Against Gravity is bound to change your mind.
It is like a mirror in which our society is reflected: here, in one night, you will learn the truth about the Indonesian genocide and the war in Syria, hear how economic and civilisational changes influence distant cultures and see people share stories about issues they grapple with every day.
The festival wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Artur Liebhart, a one-man institution with great organisational skills, who is in a committed relationship with the cinema. It is thanks to him that the festival has had fourteen successful editions and has become one of Poland’s most important film festivals.