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21. Kino Na Granicy

27.04 - 03.05.2019

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Polish-Czech Film Festival

Ort: Cieszyn

If you spent your childhood glued to the television, watching Krtek’s shenanigans, you worship Forman, Menzel, Zelenka and Sverak, think that Hrabal, Kundera and Kafka are the cream of the crop, and, on the top of that, you like Polish films, Cieszyn is heaven.
Beware though, Kino Na Granicy (editor’s translation: Cinema on the Border) is highly addictive. The list of its most addictive ingredients includes a lack of pretentiousness and a cosy atmosphere. Cieszyn, a half-Czech, half-Polish city goes beyond borders: the latest Polish films are mixed with screenings of the biggest Czech masterpieces, Q&A sessions featuring filmmakers from both countries and the programme often includes such cinematic oddities as the western-comedy "Lemonade Joe" by Oldřich Lipský or the erotic western "Eukaliptus" by Marcin Krzyształowicz.
But first of all, Na Granicy is a chance to meet a group of welcoming people who love cinema, Bohemian culture and ... Czech beer. But beware! If you are neither a Polish-speaker or a Czech-speaker, this festival may not be for you!