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Młodzi i Film / The Young & Cinema


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36. Koszalin Debut Film Festival

Ort: Koszalin

If you feel young at heart, have a habit of dancing on a Baltic beach after every film you see, and first and foremost you want to know who will set the tone in Polish filmmaking in a few years time, pack your things and come to Koszalin. For a few summer days, Koszalin and the sea resort Mielno turn into the capital of Polish cinema. The competition features both full-length feature films as well as short debuts of young Polish directors. In addition, the festival offers screenings of the most interesting debuts from around the world. All that accompanied by Q&A sessions, concerts and all-night partying.
The Young & Cinema festival has a certain spontaneity to it, a carefree atmosphere and an artistic audacity, which often characterises young artists.
Foto (c) Wikipedia / Dariusz Więckiewicz